What is Rush Studio?

Rush Studio is a boutique photo studio with the professional level quality of a commercial studio. Our mission is to help women, people of color, and others tell their stories through beautiful imagery. While we pride ourselves on creating beautiful and heirloom quality photography for all, we are passionate about providing visual representation into the world for minority communities. We are a strong ally to the LGBTQ+ community, and we believe that Black Lives Matter.

Who is Tiare Rush? 

Tiare Rush is a photographer with over 16 years of experience with roots in fashion and entertainment photography. Today she combines her passion and her Masters Degree in Marketing and Management to help tell the stories of POC creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and families. She's also a wife and mom to a 5 year old girl.

What makes a shoot with me special?

My sets can range from minimalist to elaborate, depending on your needs,I aim to highlight the best features of you and your family with my signature vibrant colors and masterful lighting techniques. 

While composition and lighting are crucial, the ultimate goal of each shoot is to transform my client’s vision for their business and their brand into reality. When you give me your vision for your family's memories, I listen! We will work together to ensure you get everything that you need. My approach is relaxed and goes with the flow, so the focus remains on you from start to finish. 

Photography is personal. Your brand is personal. My goal as your photographer is to deliver both a memorable experience and profitable photography you genuinely love. Our work together should elevate your brand. I LIVE for seeing you smile when you see what we have captured, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing a client say “That’s IT!”.

Have a unique photoshoot or special location in mind? Let’s talk! Reach out with any questions or requests here, and I’ll do my best to help.




New studio is located in Carson, CA.